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If you have a question about blind and shades or drapes and curtains, or about some other window treatments, you aren't alone. Scroll down for the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Are motorized curtains good for bedrooms?

Of course! Having the ability to control your bedroom curtains with a remote or even with voice commands can be incredibly convenient. Think about it this way – you can keep snuggling up in bed on Saturdays and Sundays without having to get up to draw the curtains closed if you left them open. All it'll take is the push of a button, or even less than that. If you get blackout curtains, then you'll have no trouble sleeping in for as long as you like too.

Should I get cordless Roman shades?

Maybe. It depends on a few things. First, do you prefer this look? If you find dangling strings and ropes unsightly, then definitely go for cordless Roman shades. If you have small children or pets that you're worried might get tangled in dangling cords, then yes, the cordless variation of Roman shades is definitely worth getting. Some people like the old-fashioned corded look, but for those that worry about entanglement or people who find it less than aesthetically pleasing, the cordless option is an excellent choice.

What's the difference between blinds and shades?

Although these terms seem to be interchangeable nowadays, that's actually not the case. There is a specific difference between the type, and it mainly involves their structure. Blinds have vanes, which can be adjusted independently in order to control how much light gets in through that part of the window's opening. Shades, generally speaking, consist of a single sheet (or more) of fabric. They're adjusted by raising or lowering them to cover more or less of the window. Of course, those are the dry definitions, you've got things like sheer shades with fabric vanes that serve as a combination of the two, and you may find that many people simply refer to one while actually meaning the other.


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