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Get blinds and shades-related tips right here. It's never a bad idea to learn more information about such subtle yet important décor enhancing items, especially if you're looking to get anything from new blackout blinds to motorized curtains installed.

You can also choose to get motorized curtains

While electric blinds and shades tend to be incredibly popular, they're not the only window treatment option you can automate. Drapes and curtains take up more space, and therefore claim a larger interior décor real estate. But that can be a good thing. Now pair that with automation, and you've got motorized curtains that you can optimize just like you would motorized blinds. Get blackout curtains for your bedroom or light filtering sheer fabric drapes for your living room or office. Now add a motor and have your motorized curtains open and close like set pieces from Blade Runner or some other futuristic Sci-fi flick.

For those looking for beauty in childproof blinds, consider cordless Roman shades

The safety and wellbeing of your little ones are all that matters. That's why, if you're thinking of getting new shades or blinds, you need to make sure you get childproof variations. With dangling cords and strings there's a risk of strangulation and entanglement. Things you want to avoid – obviously. But you still want to get window coverings that enhance your interior décor. Well, cordless Roman shades check those boxes, and then some. Cordless blinds, in general, are a must have for people with small children. Roman shades have a unique folding style that's highly sought after, so in terms of beauty and class, they're an excellent choice. You can opt for cordless ones that you operate manually, or you can get motorized Roman shades for a real high-tech shading solution that's also childproof.

Remember to clean and vacuum your blinds and shades periodically

Your window treatments may look beautiful now, but if you want them to last, you need to take care of them. Proper cleaning varies from type to type, and also depends on material and structure. Most blinds can be vacuumed using the upholstery brush attachment. But if you want to wash your shades or blinds you need to make sure that the fabric/material won't get damaged by it. You can usually use a micro-fiber cloth to dry clean your window coverings. If you want to use a damp cloth, check with the manufacturer (that'd be us in most cases) to see what kinds of substances and moisture levels are suitable.


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